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Mission Statement
  1. Animals Sitting Pretty will endeavour to provide an excellent professional mobile service, where staff are fully trained and qualified and have a polite, friendly, caring nature.

  2. Animals Sitting Pretty will always give exceptional care with fully trained husbandry and handling techniques for each dog visiting the mobile grooming salon, and will aspire to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and to establish a trusting relationship with every dog and owner.

  3. Animals Sitting Pretty grooming van and equipment will regularly be hygienically cleaned and sterilised, and will be an exceptional environment for dogs to be washed, clipped and styled.
  4. At Animals Sitting Pretty all dogs will be safe and in clean surroundings, that will be made as stress free as possible for each dog.

  5. Animals Sitting Pretty will offer a good value for money service and will aim not to cause injury or suffering to any dog. 

  6. Products and de-stress items will be available for fearful, nervous and aggressive dogs. These items will include: toys, treats, calm music, gentle talk, massages and cuddles, short walks and fresh air.

  7. Animals Sitting Pretty will provide a relaxed and happy atmosphere, which will be an enjoyable experience for each dog.

  8. Every dog that comes to Animals Sitting Pretty will be given respect and be allowed to keep their pride and dignity.